Sticks and Stitches Blue Jackets Style?

Last year Interweave sponsored Sticks and Stitches for the Colorado Avalanche. The event was ported into hockey from baseball’s popular Stitch ‘n Pitch. I heard they were doing it again this year and became very excited at the prospect of attending one in my own state. I rushed off an e-mail to Interweave and was quickly responded to by Annie from marketing. It turns out that The Avalanche is indeed having another one this year (Jan 5th). If you are in the area they could use some help for handing out goody bags and such. Apparently the Avalanche was the only NHL franchise to realize how cool this could be.

I was put in contact with the Avalanche’s group sales guy Brendan who was absolutely wonderful and has given me a complete arsenal for talking to the Columbus Blue Jackets. I also told him I found about Sticks and Stitches through the hockey group on Ravelry. That intrigued him a bit. The Avs had about 100 folks in attendance last year so that should be a good target and a nice incentive for the Jackets.

I am stoked about the idea of having this event in Columbus and am really hoping they go for it. Wish me luck! More to come…

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