RoboHelp isn’t “Help”-ful

I must rant. This is one of the greatest contradictions of my life. I am trying to utilize RoboHelp for a client to create a manual for their software from some GREAT Help files that they currently have. However, the program is old, non-intuitive and well not helpful. I find it odd that a program designed to create Help files has such absolutley terrible Help files itself. Their Help files have answered maybe 2 of my questions. This leaves 20+ questions unanswered and does not allow me to accurately answer my client as to whether or not I can perform a task for them. Argh! Software companies, stop buying each other out if you are not going to put forth the effort to make the product good. Yes, Adobe, that means you!
End Rant.

And for your entertainment, I have a picture of why you should not allow your teens to dress themselves…the shoes are an ox blood round toe kitten heel. 🙂 Quite beautiful with the “too big ex-boyfriend Structure t-shirt”
Photo 123

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