Score one for the home team!

Hooray!!! I got the highest score in fantasy football this week! Score one for the home team, Lola’s Llamas! J Anywho, I apologize to all of those who are deeply traumatized that I don’t post very often (Jennnnnn). For all of you who didn’t know, I am moving into a two bedroom apartment with Tasha this weekend. That’ll be fun. We’re not going very far, really just next door. But if ya want the address here it is:


1606 East West Hwy

Apt 241

Silver Spring, Maryland 20910


So now if ya wanna come visit there will be room. We have added a number of cool new things to our apartment including a couch, dresser and desk with chair. It’s really starting to take shape and look all homie. (You know, cozy)


In other news if you’re in the Columbus area and digging the Pampered Chef products or want to check it out there’s a very cool Pp Chef Appreciation Party on Sunday October 10 at 2pm. It’s at the Westerville Rec Center. They’re raffling off crazy things like an entire Cookware set, a 7 piece Stoneware (cranberry glaze set) and a number of other things. One lucky winner at each table will be the “Mystery Host” and get the benefits of being a host for all orders placed at that table. If you wanna go just call me to RSVP or go anyways and have fun. My mom and some friends will be there so you can hang with them! Alrighty I’m done with that for now.


Hmm other news, keeping busy at work, reading lots of books, oh yeah I told Jenn I was going to list all the books I’ve read since I got to DC. Hmm. Well I will do that after I get into the other place and can find where I put all the books I read! 😉 I don’t have anything else for now and Yes, I am still salty about the whole NHL thing but there is hope, Warren said there is some kind of minor league team around here…now to find out where they play. Holla back everyone! Miss y’all.

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2 Responses to Score one for the home team!

  1. one_skill says:

    We should compare our fantasy football teams. I bet mine would beat yours. Witness:

    Albuquerque Isotopes, Week Four Lineup:

    Donovan McNabb

    Terrell Owens
    Hines Ward
    Issac Bruce

    Ahman Green
    Aaron Stecker

    Jeremy Shockey

    Martin Gramatica

    Carolina D
    (only because it’s Seattle’s off-week.)

  2. lolitadevil says:

    Ok so the deal with my team is that I didn’t draft it, nope my Java client doesn’t work on the office computer so my brother had to draft it for me…of course that led to some problems…that punk put browns!!! players on my team!!! I was ok with Winslow but he got hurt and is out so I had to drop him and Garcia was causing me mad issues, so once I rid myself of that abhorid brown stuff things started lookin better. So here’s last week’s line-up for the evervescent Lola’s Llamas.

    B. Favre
    J. Plummer

    J. Smith
    A. Toomer
    Ro. Smith

    M. Faulk
    J. Bettis (added when I chastised my brother for not putting any Steelers players on my team!)

    L. Smith (picked him up when I had to drop Winslow)

    R. Gardner

    D. Akers

    Steelers’ D (Patriots had a bye also…)

    So yeah there ya have it. Booyah to yeah Foxy. 🙂

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