where did all the hockey go?

As a firm lover of all that is hockey I am greatly disappointed and straight out bummed that the NHL has gone into lockout. Yeah soooooo depressed. What am I going to do this season? I’m all the way out here in the middle of DC by my lonesome with no Bird Arena to work at every weekend to get my hockey fix and I didn’t move to Boston so  I don’t know where I’m gonna find mad college hockey. Hopefully ESPN will broadcast some of the international hockey and the newer leagues that are springing up / reviving.  If anyone knows of some good hockey out here in the DC metro area let me know cause I will be in line to sign up to watch or whatever it is that I gotta do! For now I’m gonna finish watching my movie and cleaning the apartment.

Quiz Junkies I got a fun quiz off of Kevin’s Xanga site to see which kind of Anime character you are. I got Intellectual…must’ve been my inner nerd coming out through my mouse. I was hoping for something cool like Robin or Kagome but I guess intellectual fits. 😛 (and we all know I look fabulous in glasses!) Take it and see who you are!

You’re An Intellectual!
You can always be found reading or on the computer.
People always come to you when they need
information. You don’t really care about love
at this point, your only goal is to improve
your mind. After all, knowledge is power!

What Type Of Anime Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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