jobless in columbus

Well well well my pretties, it turns out that I don’t update this nearly enough, especially considering the amount of time I spend in front of this machine trying to find a job. But I s’pose that’s exactly why…because I’ve been spending most of my time looking for a job. I’ve been trying to find a job here in the C-bus for the summer as well as trying to find a full time job in DC for you know after the summer when my roomie finishes her internship and we can wander that way together. I almost had a job here when I applied to a bartending position at a country club…but I had too many things I need to take off for so she gave the job to someone with less time commitments. Meh, what’s a girl to do? And I was under the impression that prostitution was illegal but there are all kinds of escort services posted in the classifieds…what’s up with that? So if anyone knows anyone who may be in need of a receptionist for the summer. Holla back cause I can definitely handle that, or cocktail waitressing or bartending…really anything that will allow me time off to go to the wedding in July. Ha! speaking of the wedding in July…what’s up with people thinking they can run around on you and that all of a sudden you’re gonna want to spend time with them? Yeah I don’t know either.

In other news, we redid the floor in my sister’s room. It looks nice all faux hardwood and whatnot. But seriously a lot better than the worn out carpet that was in there before. Oh and I’m still working on cleaning my room. In fact after I finish this thing up I’m going to go mow the lawn, then shower and then I’m gonna plop myself down in my room to begin sifting through clothes again…it turns out I don’t actually wear some of my clothes so I’m gonna try and dispose of them at the garage sale. And then I need to put the rest of them away so that I may find them when I’m trying to get dressed for interviews and stuff. Yep Yep. Oh and my parents are going out of town on Saturday. So it’ll just be me, all alone here by myself in this house looking for jobs and cleaning. So if anyone wants to swing by let me know! Plenty of room for everyone…just give me a days heads up if you wanna sleep here cause I may have to you know change sheets…my brothers like never change their sheets…it’s kinda gross. But I s’pose that’s all the news for now. I will try to write more often so that you all may be kept abreast of my frightfully boring life. Until next time I bid you adieu!


Did you think I forgot the quiz? Silly reader.

Brought to you courtesy of 107.1 the Big WAZU’s website.

boo nevermind that quiz was kinda lame…but out of the three cars they showed me Jeep Liberty, Jeep Wrangler and Chrysler PT Cruiser I’d probably have to go with the Wrangler.

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